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welcome to "world news," tonight, homeland security, the feds taking protective measures across america tonight in response to the latest terrorist threat from al qaeda. this has u.s. embassies from baghdad to bangladesh prepared to shut down. extreme weather -- the light show, the ping-pong sized hail, heavy rains and flash floods. >> i'm standing on highway 89 right now. nothing but mud. meteorologist zinger zee on the story tonight. tell-all. she's perhaps the most famous person to quit the church of scientology. the news today on what leah remini plans to do next. and high-class problem. as millions line up for the huge powerball jackpot the office co-workers who won big and wish they didn't.
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good evening. david is off tonight. as we go on the air, american embassies across the muslim world are within hours of shutting down in response to that new terror threat from al qaeda. meanwhile what started as an overseas concern has now very much become a domestic one as well. tonight abc news has learned the department of homeland security is beefing up its presence at airports and train stations and intensifying scrutiny of visitors coming from overseas. the state department issued extraordinary month-long worldwide travel alert for americans particularly in the middle east and africa and then there are those 22 u.s. embassies and diplomatic missions normally opened sunday, which is a business day in the muslim world, now about to shut down. our coverage begins tonight with
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abc's nick schifrin who is in cairo, evift. nick. >> reporter: good evening, dan, the threats are alarming, the reaction unprecedented. tonight, we have new details on why every single embassy across the arab warmed is closed and rounded by security, including here in cairo. tonight, u.s. officials say the threat to americans is serious and credible. according to a senior official, the u.s. intercepted al qaeda messages about attacking u.s. interests, including embassies and consulates. it's quote, "very active," plot by these fighters, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. their leader, this man, naser al wuhayshi, now in charge of plotting al qaeda's worldwide attacks. in 2001, he was osama bin laden's personal secretary. the u.s. had been tracking his chatter, but in recent days, one official said, "a lot started blinking red." so now, look at the map, u.s. embassies shut across 7,000 miles. right in the middle, egypt. here in cairo, this is as close as you can get to the embassy. which is a good five-minute walk behind these concrete bricks and
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behind these bricks, two egyptian military armored personnel carriers just in case. >> a new travel alert warns americans all over the world. that means 27-year-old ashley brandenburg is taking small precautions. >> for me i don't go near the embassy. i don't go downtown, i avoid any protests or demonstrations. i keep to myself and stay within my neighborhood. >> reporter: and back home, authorities are also taking pre cautions. they say there's no specific threat, but they admit an air of mystery worldwide. homeland security officials increasing immigration checks and boosting security on public transit and airports. ant tonight security officials on cairo are on high alert because the head of al qaeda are calling for all egyptians to rise up against the u.s. and, dan, those embassy closings are a few hours away. a lot of people across this region hoping to prevent an attack. >> a hope we all share. nick, thank you. let's bring in abc's chief global affairs correspondent,
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martha raddatz who is in washington tonight. martha when we see the size and scope of the u.s. response both here at home and yeo seas, what should that tell us about the seriousness of this threat? >> well, dan, it's a very real threat for overseas. what is picked up on electronic intercepts is from known enemies who pose credible danger. but closing so many embassies is clearly in reaction to what happened in benghazi. the u.s. is not taking any chances, and that is really what is happening domestically as well. they are being more vigilant because we don't know what we don't know. >> not taking chances at home or abroad. many of us assume after the killing of osama bin laden, that al qaeda, their strength is vastly diminished. is this a wake-up call in that front? >> well, in some ways, it is. they are all over that region but yemen has become the hot bed. there were three drone strikes there just last week and that tells you something. >> you spent a lot of time in
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yemen and all of the countries in that region. when you see the embassies there, are they secure? >> no matter how much they try to build up these embassies, there is always some vulnerability, and they get very nervous about that embassy in yemen in particular. it is nothing like the massive new ones in some parts of the world and there are hotels there and other things that are always vulnerable as well, dan. >> martha raddatz, thank you, and we should tell you tomorrow morning on "this week" martha will have an exclusive interview on the terror threat with the chairman of the joint chiefs, general martin dempsey. and now to the weather, there are severe storms and flooding rains soaking several states tonight. it is a weekend washout and meteorologist ginger zee is on the story. >> reporter: a violent wash in arizona swirling over the highway -- >> this is highway 89 where these people are standing. >> reporter: after nearly four inches of rain fell in two hours, the muddy waters
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receding, leaving page, arizona, stuck. >> i'm standing on highway 89 right now, nothing but mud. >> reporter: and in missouri, flash floods, spilling over the roads, anywhere from 3 to 8 inches, falling quickly overnight. and in kansas, a spectacular light show. severe storms plowing across the plains with 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts and ping-pong sized hail. >> and ginger is here tonight. ginger, there's more rain in the forecast. >> right. it's all related to that same front. now we go further west. you can see why. there's that low pressure system positioned over northern texas, and western oklahoma. it is retro grade, almost moves backward. most of the rain will happen in central kansas, wichita up to salina. >> and meanwhile off the coast of florida we're looking at the return of dorian. >> yes, or dorian or what's left of it. most of us won't see any of this which is great news. it really jets off into the
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atlantic. the only thing you'll see are clouds and maybe a rain ban. >> overall it's heading in the right direction. >> thank you, ginger. health officials on the trail of a stomach bug that's affected 400 people in 16 states. they're now doubling down. they've found the source of some of these cases but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. and abc's chief health and medical editor, rich besser, has more. >> reporter: it's still a mystery. the source of the cyclospora outbreak in 14 states. the cdc sent a team to help with the investigation into texas, one of the hardest hit states. but we do know the source, at least in nebraska and iowa. the fda linked the outbreak to a salad mix broken on this farm. distributed by taylor farm and served by olive garden and red lobster restaurants. fda has not implicated consumer packages sold in grocery stores and the contaminated product is no longer being served. so while investigators believe the outbreak is over, sick people continue to be
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identified, because without proper treatment, symptoms can continue for more than a month. here's dr. besser. these are very popular restaurants, olive garden. is it safe to eat there? >> i think it is for several reasons. the contaminated product has not been served there in over a month. it doesn't reflect a problem in what the restaurant was doing. it came in from another country from their supplier already contaminated. i think it's safe. >> and very quickly, why does it take so long? >> it takes about a week after eating it to developing symptoms. and then another week before people see their doctors. all that time makes it hard for people to remember what that ate. >> thanks, doctor. appreciate it. >> tonight there's news on alex rodriguez, the biggest name and the biggest paycheck. "the new york times" said a-rod wants to meet with league officials over his use of performance enhancing drugs. this is a change from the combative stage he took very publicly last night.
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>> reporter: alex rodriguez said that's the only thing that will keep him off the field monday. while the teammates play the white sox in chicago, a-rod could face one of the harshest punishments in major league baseball history. a long-term suspension or even a lifetime ban for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. and it may not be just the league who wants him on the bench. >> there's more than one party that benefits me not ever stepping back on the field. >> who benefits? >> i can't tell you that right now and i hope i never have to. >> the yankees still owe a-rod approximately $90 million over the remaining four years of his deal. that means for every 50 games a-rod is suspended the yankees stand to save $7.5 million, meaning 150 game suspension would be worth 25 million. >> they want to nail him. they want to show that they are serious about enforcing their
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program, and, frankly, the yankees want to get out of that contract. >> whatever happened, major league baseball is reportedly determined he won't play another game this season. in other words, lightning may well strike. >> well, despite a-rod's fighting talk as we said earlier, he is reported to have just reached out to major league baseball for a meeting to discuss a deal. but reports suggest the league is sticking by its take it or leave it approach on the harsh punishment for the player. >> lindsey, thank you. switching gears to the royal baby whose dad, prince william had his first outing since the blessed event. he went to a charity event with his brother, who can now be called uncle harry. abc's kirit radia reports in from london. >> reporter: today, prince william traded in diapers and baby bottles for a polo horse, taking a break from paternity leave to play a charity match alongside his brother, prince harry. it's the first time the new
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royal dad has been seen since prince george was born. the young prince and his mother, kate, didn't make the trip -- instead remaining at her parents' house in bucklebury -- a sign the middletons, not just the royal family, will play a key role in the boy's life. but even though baby george wasn't there, his proud dad couldn't stop talking about him, at least beyond the range of microphones, reportedly telling people that george likes to move and wiggle and that he is keeping the first-time parents on their toes. >> i don't think that being members of the royal family exempts william and kate from sleepless nights. >> reporter: prince william said right now his life is all about diapers, diapers, diapers. adding his head wasn't in the match because he was in baby mode. afterward, a gift for prince george. his first mini polo mallet. kirit radia, abc news, london. they are lining up all over america tonight for a giant, $300 million powerball jackpot.
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we here at abc news have decided to tack a different angle on this story, one specifically designed to make you feel better about you almost will not certainly win this thing. here's abc's susan saulny. >> reporter: everybody wants to be a lottery winner. >> god, vishnu, allah, whoever's up there, i beg you! >> reporter: and tonight, powerball dreams, to the tune of $300 million may be coming true. but, winner beware, that lucky ticket could change your life, for the worse. >> 44% of people who win the lottery, within five year, they've blown through all of their winnings. >> how do you feel winning all that money? >> reporter: reality is, the winner's circle is home to many horror stories. art will imitate life in a new abc series, "lucky 7," about workers in queens who win a lottery in an office pool. >> diamonds! pink, blue or white? >> reporter: then face the unexpected. big winner, jack wittiker has a lesson from real life. >> it certainly has been a curse to me.
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>> reporter: whittiker won the largest payout in history in 2002, but came to know hardship and loss. some advice from dave honeywell who won $217 million in february -- >> don't tell anyone. and don't get it out until you have things, your matters in hand. he said winners should shut down facebook pages and keep a small circle of trusted friends and relatives. more advice from experts -- don't trust anyone trying to sell you something and hire an accountant and lawyer. they'll be your new best friends. dan? thank you, susan saulny. in the words of air ristotle, more money, more problems. coming up the actress leah remini made headlines when she publicly quit the church of scientology. now we are learning about her next move.
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5:47 pm
search in which she was raced, remini is displaying a similar toughness, speaking here with "access hollywood." >> i'm good. i have my family. my real friends are behind me and i think that says a lot. >> reporter: today, the news that she's writing a tell-all memoir. remini says to "us weekly" -- it will include my experiences, everything that's taboo to talk about. she will have a lot of experience to draw upon. she joined the church at age 7, briefly served as a member of the elite religious order know as sea org., and then, as a celebrity, moved among scientology's most famous members. remini's sister nicole, herself a former scientologist, says leah's relationship with the church began to sour in 2006, at the wedding of tom cruise and katie holmes, where leah reportedly asked the head of the church, david miscavige, where his wife was. miscavige's wife, shelly, has not been seen publicly in many years. in a radio interview, remini said her sister was rebuked by
5:48 pm
church officials for asking about this. >> she was totally shocked, she didn't -- she did not at all expect that type of response. and then it just kind of escalated from there. >> reporter: the church has publicly denied the story about remini confronting david miscavige at tom cruise's wedding. as for those reports about shelly miscavige, the church released a statement to abc news saying -- mrs. miscavige continues her work in the church as she always has." remini is perhaps the highest profile departure since paul haggis, the screenwriter of "crash' and "million dollar baby." this week, haggis released an open letter praising remini's brave decision and thanking her for being one of the few scientologists to defend him when he left. in a statement to abc news the church called haggis a status-obsessed screen writer who is, quote, exploiting his tenuous connection with scientology to grab head lines end quote. and for the up-coming book, the church has no comment. and coming up on "world
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it's time for the "instant index." we start with the rivera crime wave it happened again in southern france this time in the east of nice. where somebody broke into a safe and made off with jewelry and other valuables. this caps off a week-long crime spree. in the glamourous movie star city, netting nearly $200 million in jewels. next, the large and growing mystery in a pasture in western kansas. i'm talking about this sink hole that literally appeared overnight. 200 feet across, 90 feet deep. it looks like a small canyon, people are hiking in this thing. nobody knows what caused it. there's no oil wells or irrigation well, meanwhile it appears to be getting bigger. and from baffling nature phenomenon to a baffling human
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5:56 pm does what's in here. break a leg! ask your doctor if prolia® is right for you. and finally from us tonight how the other half camps, no sleeping bag, no going to the bathroom in the woods, this is a new trend that involves butler private chef even in some cases, imported wildlife. here's cecilia vega. >> luxurious camp sites have provided shelter and oasis in africa and asia for over a century. and here at home in the u.s., there's a new generation of not roughing it. kelsey and her husband mike have
5:57 pm
made a whole business out of it. a former wedding and event planner she found a way for everyone to have a camping experience, minus the hot dogs and sleeping bags on the cold hard ground. >> this is our standard setup. which is a full bed, down comforter, pillows. >> of course, it will cost you. the more luxuries you want the more you pay. most glampers walk away with an average $2500 bill. >> the highest you want to go. we can helicopter you in somewhere in the middle of nowhere to have your amazing camp set up with a full-time chef, yoga instructor and survival guide. >> what night would be complete without a camping butler? >> what's in that job description? >> it's very broad. could be anything as simple as lighting a fire to getting coffee going into the morning, making sure everything is well lit, your batteries are working in the tent, opening beers.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: you can have a chef, a butler yoga. what about that one part of camping that's hardly ever glamourous. >> yeah, they bring that in, too. >> we bring in restroom trailers that have individual stalls, a sink, and hot water shower. >> reporter: oh, another glamping must. >> hors d'oeuvres, madam? >> yes. >> she looks comfortable. i'll sue you first thing tomorrow on "gma." for david muir and all of us at abc news. thanks for watching and have a great night.
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>> next at 6:00, find out how close we could be to a b.a.r.t. strike on monday. >> why more than 100 people were arrived outside chevron plant today. >> and gay rights advocates marched in protest to the russian consulate today. >> ama: we are now 30 hours and counting until a b.a.r.t. strike. tonight there's still hope a deal can be reached before another bay area traffic nightmare comes on monday. for the latest on contract negotiations we do live to keira clapper who has been monitoring the negotiations. >> they have been inside this building negotiating on and off for the last eight hours.
6:00 pm
the b.a.r.t. negotiator says no one wants a strike to help but also tells me he doesn't think a deal is going to be made tonight. >> i feel good every day. >> the b.a.r.t. mappingment and the two unions representing b.a.r.t. workers went into negotiations at 10:00 this morning, hopeful. >> both sides are still meeting so that's positive. reporter: they're working against the strike deadline. at issue, salary, pension, and benefits. >> we have to get a real information to the table, do what we need to do. >> after two hours of talks they parted ways for a lunch break. >> our intent is to get it done. the board and management, nobody wants a strike, i'm sure the unions don't either. >> this union negotiator did not offer any update on blowing. >> no comment. >> but made it clear when they return they were too busy to eat. >> actually we didn't eat. >> caffeine. do it do

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